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Learn more about advanced college basketball statistics.

Advanced analytics for college basketball are simple, but not easy. They're advanced for a reason. These numbers come from lots of complex calculations and concepts.

This doesn't mean it should be hard to find out more about these metrics. You should be able to quickly search for a specific stat, and see a specific example. Finding this information should always be fast, easy, and organized. That's the goal of this site.

  • Maybe you're a journalist wondering why offensive rebounding percentage is more useful than counting offensive rebounds?

  • Maybe you're a coach curious about defensive efficiency?

  • Or maybe you're just a fan and want to learn more about how college basketball games are won?

That's why I put together this site. I was reading and struggling to understand all the concepts across different blog posts, and I couldn't figure out what some metrics even met. So, writing this information gave me a better understanding of the game, almost like a KenPom for Dummies.

You're not a dummy, though. Whatever brings you here, I hope you find it useful.

Questions? Drop me a line.